How to Install & Maintain the Excel Xlerator Hand Dryer

Mar 29, 2023 | Excel Dryer

While fairly straight-forward, it’s important that contractors and users follow the proper process to install and maintain the Excel Xlerator hand dryer. For this reason, we’ve organized the steps below:

Preparation 1: Make sure you have all your items


The following three items should be made accessible:

  1. Hand Dryer
  2. Tamper-Proof Wrench
  3. Installation & Owner’s Manual

Preparation 2: Review Safety Guidelines


First and foremost, the Excel Xlerator Hand Dryer should be installed according to local building codes and wiring. Units should be installed by licensed and qualified electricians.

Some other safety items are as follows:

  • The XLERATOR is NOT meant for drying hair.
  • AVOID obstructing air inlets or outlets.
  • A qualified service personnel should be commissioned for maintenance and troubleshooting
  • Power wash equipment is NOT to be used for cleaning on or near this unit.

Full Safety Guidelines are found here.

Now, you are ready to install the unit.

The 10 Steps of Installation


1. Disconnect the power source previously connected to the excel xlerator hand dryer location (see preinstallation wiring).

2. Remove the two (2) cover mounting screws with the supplied Tamper-Proof Wrench. Lift the cover to remove from the base plate.

3. If electrical wiring entry is to be made from the rear, remove the appropriate pre-formed knockout on the base plate. If entry is to be made from the bottom, knock out the pre-formed area on the cover for your supply connection. A rigid conduit is required for the electrical wiring to the unit.

4. Select the appropriate mounting height for the dryer (Table 1). Select the recommended fastener (Table 2). There should be no obstruction between the hand dryer and the floor. If you are mounting over a countertop, the distance from the counter to dryer must be 15” (381 mm) minimum. CAUTION: Do not use the Base Plate as a guide when drilling. Make sure no pipe work or any electrical cables or wires are located directly behind the area to be drilled.

5. Attach the Base Plate at the four (4) corners to a smooth wall. For the most secure installation, use 2 additional mounting holes as shown in drawing. For non-HEPA units, remove Control Assembly to access the right side mounting hole. For HEPA units, remove filter only to access the right side mounting hole.

6. Identify the voltage of your dryer from the rating sticker of the hand dryer unit.

7. Secure the electrical wiring to terminals as indicated by the schematic affixed to the blower housing. An identified ground connection point is supplied on the Base Plate for your equipment ground wire. Dryers need to be installed per local code requirements.

8. Carefully replace the cover using the two (2) screws previously removed in step 2. Restore power and test for proper operation. In multiple installations, make sure the serial number marked on the inside matches the cover number.

9. It is highly recommended that a bead of silicone sealant be placed around the outside of the cover at the wall to protect dryer from internal corrosion caused by wash water and cleaning solutions.

10. Don’t forget to return the Tamper-Proof Wrench to the owner.


excel xlerator hand dryer excel xlerator hand dryer

Note: Heights measured from floor to bottom of dryer.


Cleaning & Maintenance



Gently wash the Cover (including air inlet holes) using a sponge or soft, along with a mild detergent or soap with lukewarm water to loosen the dirt and grime.


The manufacturer, Excel – recommends once a year inspecting the inside of the dryer and cleaning, or if performance diminishes. Heavier usage, or an environment that contains excessive lint, dust or other particles, requires more regular cleaning. Lint on the air inlet, the Pre-Filters (Dryer or HEPA if so equipped), or other internal parts of dryer will reduce efficiency and shorten the lifespan of the working parts. To clean, shut off the power to the dryer at service connection. Remove the Cover by unscrewing the 2 Tamper-Proof Bolts from side of the Cover with the special Tamper-Proof Wrench provided with each dryer. Use a small, soft brush to gently clean all the parts. If your unit has a dryer Pre-filter or HEPA Filtration System, unclip the Pre-Filter, rinse the Pre-Filter with water and dry. Re-install. DO NOT CLEAN THE HEPA FILTER OR ALLOW IT TO COME INTO CONTACT WITH WATER.


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