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AirDri (HDJ-0301A9) | PowerDRI Hand Dryer, HEPA Filtered, ADA Compliant, Automatic

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AirDri HDJ-0301A9

NOTE: White and black models - Coming Soon. Available for purchase now with expected delivery in October.

The AirDri HDJ-0301A9 PowerDRI is recognized as a compact, yet potent blade hand dryer, celebrated for its ultra-energy efficiency and swift 10-second drying time. Featuring a built-in HEPA filter, it guarantees clean air for supreme hygiene. The AirDri HDJ-0301A9 excels in various settings, such as large restaurants, offices, live performance venues, shopping centers, sports stadiums, and airports. With its efficient design and quick drying features, it stands as a dependable option for maintaining cleanliness and ease in areas with heavy foot traffic.

Product Benefits:

  • The dryer boasts a rapid drying speed of just 10 seconds.
  • The dryer comes with an integrated H13 HEPA filter.
  • The unit's noise level is measured at 75 dBA from a distance of one meter (three feet), according to tests conducted by ISVR Consulting at the Audio Labs of Southampton University in the UK.
  • The air velocity at the outlet is measured at 67 meters per second, equivalent to 150 miles per hour.
  • Surface-mounted ADA compliance simplifies the installation process and significantly reduces related costs.
  • The yearly operating expenses amount to $20.


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Brushed Stainless Steel, White, Black


Key Specs for AirDRI xxx

Color Finish: Brushed Stainless Steel, White, and Black

Voltage: 110VAC – 240VAC 50/60Hz

Activation: Automatic 

Mounting: Surface 

Sound level: 75dBA

Rated Power: 0.8 kW

Compliance: ADA compliant

Owner's Guide


A Licensed Contractor is required for installation per your local regulatory requirements.

Always disconnect the power source before servicing or installing the dryer.


Cleaning once every 6-12 months is recommended.


Spec Sheet