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Bobrick (B-770) | QuietDry™, Surface-Mounted High Speed Hand Dryer, 115V, White

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Bobrick B-770

High speed white high-gloss epoxy finish electrostatically applied. Uniquely designed to have a sound pressure level of 72dB(A) measured at 39″ (1 meter) from source. CE marked, cULus Listed, and VDE approved


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Specs for  Bobrick B-770

Color Finish: White

Voltage: 115V AC, 12 Amp, 50/60 Hz, 1380 Watts, Single Phase, cULus Listed.

Activation: Automatic 

Mounting: Surface 

Sound level: 72 dBA

Rated Power: 1.4 kW

Compliance: 7-3/8″ Depth

Cover: Aluminum die-casting with white high-gloss epoxy finish electrostatically applied (B-770) or chrome finish (B-778). Air-inlet opening is equipped with vandal-resistant grill. Cover is secured to mounting base with two concealed, recessed hexscrews.

Air-Inlet Grill: One-piece vandal resistant aluminium die-casting, with black high gloss epoxy finish electrostatically applied.

Mounting Base: Equipped with four 0.236″ (6mm) diameter mounting holes and one 7/8″ (22mm) diameter hole suitable for between-wall wiring.

Motor/Fan: Thermally-protected, Universal, 1/10 hp, 7000 rpm motor construction with shielded ball-bearings. Single-inlet forward-curve impeller, providing air volume of 112m3 /Hr (66 cfm); air velocity of 46 m/s (9000 lfm).

Heating Element: Coiled Nichrome heating element mounted on a mica frame, protected by integral automatic thermal overload device. To heat air without hot spots and remain inaccessible to vandals.

Electronic Control: Infrared sensor automatically turns dryer on when hands are held under air-outlet opening and across path of sensor. Remove hands from path of sensor and dryer stops. Electronic sensor has automatic shutoff approximately 1-1/2 minutes after dryer turns on if an inanimate object is placed across air-outlet opening. After inanimate object is removed, electronic sensor automatically resets itself and dryer operates normally.


Wall preparation: Hold the Installation Template against the wall in the desired location of the installed dryer. See recommended mounting heights above. Make sure line on template representing bottom of dryer mounting base is horizontal and located at the desired height above floor. NOTE: Surface-mounted electrical supply entry is located in the lower right corner of the mounting base. Surface-mounted supply cable should be fitted in a conduit. Drill four holes for 1/4″ (6.4mm) diameter mounting bolts or screws (not furnished by Bobrick). Fasten mounting base securely to wall

Wiring Instructions: For 115 Volt Dryers: Connect ground/earth supply the terminal marked , the Live supply to terminal marked L and neutral supply to terminal marked N. A DEDICATED LINE IS REQUIRED FOR EACH 115 VOLT DRYER. For 208–240 Volt Dryers: Connect ground/earth supply the terminal marked and the 208-240 Volt wires to terminals marked L (L1) and N (L2).

Notes: Electronic sensor in Automatic dryers will pick up movement within 6″ (150mm) of the air-outlet opening. Use caution when choosing location for Automatic dryers in confined areas. Consider proximity to doorways and other traffic areas. Bobrick automatic hand dryers should be installed at least 15″ (380mm) above any projection or horizontal surface which may interfere with the operation of the automatic sensor. For installation instructions that include step-by-step installation procedures and details of electrical service connections, see Form No. 712-69, which is packed with each shipment. This form is also available in advance upon request.


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