ezH2O Bottle Filling Station (Clean & Care)

Article Details Learn how to care and clean ezH2O water bottle filling stations. WATCH THE VIDEO TUTORIAL STAINLESS STEEL SURFACES General cleaning: Use an ordinary, mild detergent and soft cloth. Wipe the surface and towel dry. Steel soap pads should never be used;...

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Troubleshooting: Water Stream is Too Low Article Details PROBLEM CAUSE CORRECTIVE ACTION Stream is too low after initial installation of the product. 1  Water pressure is lower then factor test conditions. Remove sealant & use Teflon tape or compression fitting....

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Elkay Replacement Water Filter Reference Chart

Elkay water filtration solutions are engineered for performance. Choose from WaterSentry® Plus, WaterSentry VII, WaterSentry Fresh, Aqua Sentry, WaterSentry Plus Residential or WaterSentry Plus Commercial. Our water filtration systems are point of use, meaning they’re...

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Video – How to Change an Elkay Filter

Learn how to change a water filter and reset the filter status light on new and legacy ezH2O bottle filling station models. CHANGE A WATER FILTER Remove the lower cover by removing the (four) screws on the underside of the cooler. Turn off the water supply; then...

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How to Change an Elkay or Halsey Taylor Filter

Replacing your Elkay ezH2O filter is an easy 3 step process. Turn off the water supply; then dispense water to relieve pressure (through either the bubbler or the bottle filler). Turn the used filter clockwise 1/4 turn to remove from the filter head and dispose....

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FAQ – Elkay ezH2O Bottle Filling Station Filters

How long do the filters last? Elkay 51300c filters are rated for 3,000 gallons, which is about 24,000 16-ounce bottles. Actual filter life will depend on your water conditions. Elkay also recommends changing the filter at least once a year. Is it a generic filter?...

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