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Bobrick B-9100 – PureDri Hygienic Automatic Hand Dryer and Air/Hand Sanitizer

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The PureDri utilizes best-in-class sanitizing technology to
provide a triple action defense against the spread of bacteria,
mold, viruses and odors in washrooms.

Designed to deliver three points of infection control, fast-dry
hand drying and exceptional energy efficiency, the PureDri
will substantially reduce contamination risk whilst creating
cleaner, fresher smelling and more sustainable washroom

Washroom sanitization – Provides 24/7 protection by
neutralising bacteria, viruses, mold and fungi in washroom
spaces up to 10m2
Efficient hand drying – A powerful hand drying function that’s
run by an ultra-efficient 200-watt motor.

User protection – For enhanced hygiene, a unique protective
plasma shield surrounds the user during use with a focused
plasma blast onto hands after the hand drying cycle.

UK laboratory tested – Efficacy data provided by top testing
facilities including Profectus, Campden BRI and ALS Group.

Additional Information

Dimensions: 10.5” wide X 32.25” high x 4” deep
Net Weight: 20.3 lbs.
Electrical Supply: 110/240 volts 50/60 Hz
Energy Use: 1.7 Amps @ 115 volts
Nominal Output: 0.2 kW
Air Volume: 1,200 cubic feet / hour
Air Velocity: 164′ / second @ 4”
Area Size: 215 square feet