3 Main Benefits of the New Bobrick B-9100 PureDri

Mar 29, 2023 | Bobrick


Searching for a new hand dryer, but considerate of the new health safety standards?

The new Bobrick 9-1000 PureDri is a truly unique hand dryer combining science-backed Sanitization Technology, Energy Efficiency, and Ease of Use. The following 3 Main Benefits outline the attributes that make it a worthy option for servicing restrooms.


Benefit #1: Science-backed Sanitization


In recent years, we’ve witnessed a surge of awareness for the importance of sanitization. So of course, this doesn’t come without a bit of confusion and debate to what actually works.

The Bobrick B-9100 is clearly boasting their technology’s science-based research on UV sanitization against HEPA as a differentiator in the market. While both technologies have their advantages, below are some of the features and benefits of Bobrick’s new PureDri technology:

  • 6 second Ionized Air Blast – sanitizes user’s hands
  • Air outlet chamber – inactivates airborne and surface microorganisms 
  • Clinically backed UV science destroys existing pathogens and particles < 0.3 microns and helping to reduce absenteeism.
  • Proven to eliminate 99% of bacteria, viruses, mold & fungi in less than 10 minutes
  • Can serve as a new standard to promote wellness at the workspace, while keeping staff healthy and productive


Benefit #2: Smart & Energy Efficient


Whether you’re a contractor, facilities professional, or DIYer, you already now the growing importance of energy efficiency both for green credits and cost savings. The Bobrick B-9100 PureDri found a way to offer a new sanitization tech product, all while offering highly competitive energy efficiency features.

  • Energy Efficient running on just 220 watts (Top performer in the market)
  • Infrared Sensor – detects movement within 6” of air-outlet opening
  • Speedy Hand Dry with efficient jet dry mechanism – saving time in the restroom
  • Drying Cycle Indicator for user making it easy for them to know when drying is complete


Benefit #3: Easy to Install & Maintain


One of our favorite aspects of the new Bobrick 9-1000 PureDri is its ease for installation and maintenance. If you’re the one installing this yourself, or contracting it out, we imagine you will especially appreciate these features:

  • Super simple, and low maintenance – no filters – simply change one lamp per year and that’s it
  • Ideal for any public or commercial restrooms 
  • Universal voltage making electrician’s jobs easier 
  • Easy to set up – for retrofit, remodeled, or new restrooms


Key Specs

Dimensions: 10.5” wide X 32.25” high x 4” deep

Weight: 20.3 pounds

Electrical Supply: 110/240 volts 50/60 Hz

Current Consumption: 1.7 Amps @ 115 volts

Nominal Output: 0.2 kW

Air Volume: 1,200 cubic feet / hour

Air Velocity: 164′ / second @ 4”

Area Size: 270 square feet

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