FAQ – Elkay ezH2O Bottle Filling Station Filters

Apr 10, 2018 | Elkay

How long do the filters last?
Elkay 51300c filters are rated for 3,000 gallons, which is about 24,000 16-ounce bottles. Actual filter life will depend on your water conditions. Elkay also recommends changing the filter at least once a year.

Is it a generic filter?
Elkay filters are designed and manufactured to work within Elkay units and provide optimum performance.

What does the filter remove from the water?
The Elkay® WaterSentry® Plus EWF3000 filter used in the ezH2O® bottle filling stations reduces aesthetic chlorine, taste and odor, particulate class I, and lead. The filter has a rated capacity of 3,000 gallons.

How easy is it to change the filter?
Replacing the filter is simple. Just a 1/4 turn to remove the used filter and replace with the new one – you don’t even need to shut off the water. Replacement filters are available in singles and multi-packs. Plumber’s Paradise offers all options to fit your situation needs.

How do I reset the visual filter monitor light?
There’s no need to — Enhanced bottle filling stations recognize when a filter has been replaced and automatically reset the filter monitor light from red to green.

What does the yellow light mean on the bottle filling station? Is the water still safe to drink?
The LED lights on the bottle filling station indicate the status of the filter. Green indicates the filter needs no attention. Yellow is to alert the maintenance or repair group that a new filter will be needed shortly. The unit is still safe to drink from; water is still being filtered. Red indicates that the filter has reached 100% of its useable life and should be replaced promptly.