What are the Benefits of Owning an Excel Dryer?

Oct 12, 2023 | Excel Dryer, XLERATOR

In today’s fast-paced world, efficiency and convenience are paramount. At the same time, it is quite common to see efficiency at the expense of quality and eco-friendliness. However, one brand that has consistently delivered on these requirements is Excel Dryer.

Combining cutting-edge technology with sustainability, Excel products offer a number of benefits for both users and facility managers alike. Let’s delve deeper into these advantages to understand why owning an Excel hand dryer is a wise investment.

What is an Excel Dryer?

An Excel Dryer is a high-speed, touchless hand dryer that utilizes a combination of warm air and powerful airflow to dry hands quickly and effectively. These dryers are designed to be user-friendly, offering a hands-free experience that reduces the risk of cross-contamination. With their sleek and modern designs, Excel Dryers fit seamlessly into any restroom decor, providing an elegant and efficient solution for hand drying needs.

Company Background

The Excel Hand Dryer comes from a rich history of engineers and inventors. It was in 1997 when now President Denis Gagnon acquired the company and hired three rocket scientists by the names of Sol Aisenberg, George Freedman, and Richard Pavelle. Fast forward to 2001, and the collective brain power released their first high speed hand dryer, which has been optimized ever since.

What Makes the Excel Dryer Unique?

  • Rich history of Hand Dryer development stemming back to their first hand dryer in 1963
  • Market pioneer for the first high speed, energy efficient hand dryer
  • Manufactured in the USA
  • Extremely High Performance combining both high speed and Eco-friendliness

Key Features & Benefits of Excel Dryers

Excel Dryers come equipped with a range of innovative features that set them apart from other hand drying options.


Adjustable warm air temperature

One of the standout features of Excel Dryers is their adjustable warm air temperature. This allows users to customize their hand drying experience based on their personal preference. Whether you prefer a gentle warm breeze or a more invigorating blast of hot air, Excel Dryers offer solutions for this need. We can see it on Xlerator Series – XL BW.


Energy Efficiency

By utilizing advanced technology and intelligent design, these dryers are able to deliver exceptional performance while minimizing energy consumption. This not only helps reduce operating costs but also contributes to a greener and more sustainable environment.

In order to achieve the lowest environmental impact, experts recommend using high-speed hand dryers. As the name indicates, high-speed hand dryers dry faster, which saves energy, and emit less than 40 grams of carbon dioxide, contrary to paper towel drying which averages higher than 57 grams of carbon monoxide.

The reason the XL-ECO dryer is very economical to run is because it has no heating element and only draws 4.3 Amps at 120V and 2.1 Amps at 220V. This allows for the installation of multiple dryers on one 20 Amp circuit breaker. Please check on the example of XL-SB-Eco here.


High Performance

Perhaps the most impressive feature of Excel Dryers is their high-speed motor technology. With lightning-fast drying times, these dryers can dry hands in as low as 8 seconds, ensuring a quick and efficient hand drying experience for users. No more waiting around for your hands to dry – with an Excel Dryer, your guests will be in and out of the restroom in no time. Please check on the example of XL-SB here.


Health & Hygiene

Control assembly is activated by an infrared optical sensor located next to the air outlet. The dryer shall operate as long as hands are under the air outlet. Control includes a speed and sound control mechanism, adjustable heat control with High, Medium, Low and Off settings and a filter sensor which is activated should the filter become clogged. There is a 35-second lockout feature if hands are not removed. Sensor equipped with externally visible red LED that flashes error codes to assist in troubleshooting.

Excel Dryer’s HEPA filtration system is proven to remove 99.999% of viruses from the airstream. It is the only HEPA filtration system on the market with a metal mesh washable pre-filter for reliable service and extended filter life. Excel Dryer hand dryers with HEPA filtration settle the debate about hand dryer hygiene by delivering clean, filtered, purified air fast and efficiently. The HEPA filtration system is available as an optional feature with XLERATOR and XLERATOReco Hand Dryers and can easily be retrofitted into existing units.



Noise Levels

With the high performing 8 second dry time, comes higher decibel levels. For that reason, Excel created an adjustable speed and sound control to keep the XLERATOR & XLERATOReco Hand Dryers to a range of 65-75dB and 69-73dB for ThinAir, which are comparable to common household appliances.

Excel’s 1.1” Noise Reduction Nozzle lowers the decibel level 9 dB by reducing air deflection noise. All new units come with this item, and older ones can be easily retrofitted.

Here is one Excel Xlerator model that offers these features.



Furthermore, the durable construction of Excel Dryers ensures that they can withstand the rigors of high-traffic restrooms. Made from high-quality materials such as Bulk Molding Compound (BMC) – reinforced thermoset resin, these dryers are built to last, providing reliable and consistent performance day in and day out.

In conclusion, Excel Dryers are more than just hand dryers. They are a testament to innovation, efficiency, and user satisfaction. With their advanced features, sleek designs, and commitment to sustainability, Excel Dryers have earned high ranking in hand drying for good reason.

Versatility and Convenience of Excel Dryers

Excel Dryers offer unmatched versatility and convenience, making them the preferred choice for a wide range of applications.

Wide Range of Models and Designs

Excel Dryers understand that every restroom has unique requirements. That’s why they offer a wide range of models and designs to suit different spaces and user preferences. Whether it’s a sleek and compact model for small restrooms or a high-capacity, vandal-resistant option for high traffic areas, Excel Dryers have the perfect solution.

The main Excel Hand Dryer product lines are as follows:


Easy Installation and Maintenance

Installing and using an Excel Dryer is a hassle-free experience. These dryers come with straightforward installation instructions and require minimal maintenance. Facility managers can enjoy peace of mind knowing that once an Excel Dryer is installed, it will deliver consistent performance with minimal effort.

  • Disconnect the power source previously brought to the hand dryer location.
  • If electrical wiring entry is to be made from the rear, remove the appropriate pre-formed knockout on the base plate. If entry is to be made from the bottom, knock out the pre-formed area on the cover for your supply connection. A rigid conduit must be used for the electrical wiring to the unit.
  • Select the appropriate mounting height for the dryer. There should be no obstruction between the hand dryer and the floor.
  • Identify the voltage of your dryer from the rating sticker of the unit.
  • Secure electrical wiring to terminals as indicated by the schematic affixed to blower housing.
  • Restore power and test for proper operation.
  • It is highly recommended that a bead of silicone sealant be placed around the outside of the cover at the wall to protect dryer from internal corrosion caused by wash water and cleaning solutions.


  • Gently wash Cover (including air inlet holes) using a soft cloth or sponge and a mild soap or detergent with lukewarm water to loosen dirt and grime.
  • Excel recommends inspecting the inside of the dryer and cleaning as required at least once per year, or if performance diminishes. Heavier usage, or an environment that contains excessive lint, dust or other particles, requires more frequent cleaning.


Environmental Impact of Excel Dryers

In today’s environmentally conscious world, it is essential to consider the ecological footprint of the products we use. Excel Dryers have a positive environmental impact in various ways.

Reduction in Paper Waste

One of the most significant environmental benefits of Excel Dryers is the drastic reduction in paper waste. By eliminating the need for paper towels, these dryers contribute to saving trees and reducing the amount of waste that ends up in landfills. This not only conserves precious natural resources but also helps mitigate the adverse effects of deforestation.

Imagine a world where every public restroom had Excel Dryers installed. The amount of paper waste generated from drying hands would significantly decrease. This reduction in paper waste would have a cascading effect on the environment. Fewer trees would need to be cut down to produce paper towels, leading to the preservation of forests and the habitats they provide for countless species.

Additionally, the reduction in waste ending up in landfills would alleviate the strain on these already overflowing sites. Landfills emit harmful greenhouse gases as the waste decomposes, contributing to climate change. By using Excel Dryers, we can help reduce the amount of waste that decomposes in landfills, thus minimizing the release of these harmful gases into the atmosphere.

Lower Carbon Footprint

Excel Dryers’ energy-efficient design results in a lower carbon footprint compared to traditional hand drying solutions. By consuming less electricity, these dryers reduce greenhouse gas emissions, making them a greener choice for environmentally conscious organizations.

Excel Dryers incorporate innovative heating elements that are designed to use minimal energy while still providing a comfortable and effective hand-drying experience. By utilizing energy-efficient components, these dryers significantly reduce the amount of electricity needed to operate them, resulting in a lower carbon footprint.

By choosing Excel Dryers, organizations can actively contribute to reducing their carbon emissions. This reduction in greenhouse gas emissions helps combat climate change and promotes a more sustainable future for our planet.

In conclusion, the benefits of using an Excel Dryer are clear. From their outstanding performance and economic advantages to their positive environmental impact and focus on hygiene and user comfort, Excel Dryers are the ultimate hand drying solution.  Embrace the future of hand drying with Excel Dryers.